Funeral Cover will assist you by paying out a pre-determined lump sum of money to a policyholder or registered beneficiary, in the event of the main member or one of the registered beneficiaries passing away.

One of the most traumatic events in life is the death of a loved one. The situation is made worse if that person was the main breadwinner.

Funeral costs can run into the thousands and often funds are tied up to an estate. Our Funeral Cover policy is designed to pay claims as quickly as possible to assist in covering the financial burden posed by even the simplest funeral.


Our Funeral Cover policy:

Provides benefits for the policyholder and their immediate family members only.
Will pay a pre-determined sum of money to a policyholder or nominated beneficiary in the event of one of the registered beneficiaries passing away.
Imposes an entry age limit of 65 years.
Applies a general 3 month waiting period.


The table below shows the amount that will be covered by the different membership categories as well as the premium payable per family per month:


 Principal  R5 000  R10 000  R15 000  R20 000 R25 000 R30 000
 Spouce  R5 000  R10 000  R15 000  R20 000 R25 000 R30 000
 14 - 21  R5 000  R10 000  R15 000  R18 000 R25 000 R30 000
 06 - 13  R2 500  R5 000  R7 500  R10 000 R12 000 R15 000
 01 - 05  R1 250  R2 500  R3 750  R5 000 R6 250 R7 500
 Stillborn - 11 months  R500  R1 000  R1 500  R2 000 R3 000 R3 750
 Monthly Premium  R20  R40  R60  R80 R100 R120


When are you NOT COVERED under your Funeral Cover policy?

Where death is due to self-inflicted injuries within 24 months of taking out cover.
Where claims are submitted and received after a period equal to 3 months after the date of death.

How do you claim?

Policyholders need to submit certified copies of the following documentation to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to initiate the claiming process:

• Death Certificate
• ID document of deceased
• ID document of nominated beneficiary
• Banking details of nominated beneficiary

Claims will be paid via EFT into the bank account identified by the nominated beneficiary.

A full list of terms and conditions can be viewed here.

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