TRA is excited to partner with ER24 Assist in offering the following benefits to all of our GAP COVER policyholders, irrespective of option choice:

 Home Drive

Home drive is a designated driver service that will ensure that members are safe after a night out, with us taking them home safely.

Home drive drivers are equipped with a cell phone application to determine the exact location, as well as the personal information and destination to where the client needs to be transported to. Home drive will safely transport clients within a 50km radius of city centres in Durban, Johannesburg, Pretoria, Cape Town, Port Elizabeth, East London, George and Nelspruit.


  • Access to 6 free trips per annum.
  • Available to each member and up to a maximum of two of their guests that can be collected from a single pickup point and transported to a single drop-off point.
  • In the event where you own a larger vehicle and can seat more than 2 guests, additional passengers will be accommodated for, provided there are seatbelts for all the passengers in your car.

Operating Hours

Bookings are open until 01h00, seven days a week.

Peak Periods & Public Holidays

Please book at least 48 hours in advance where possible and up to no less than 2 hours in advance in case of last minute arrangements. Peak period times are Thursday evenings to Sunday mornings as well as public holidays (the night before and on the day) and in some instances major public events that occur within the service area, for example sporting events and concerts.

Additional Charges

If you exceed the number of total covered trips, you may continue to use the service at your own expense. if your trip exceeds 50km, payment for the additional distance will be billable directly to the policyholder.


Bookings can be cancelled up until 60 minutes before the arranged collection time. Any booking cancelled within 60 minutes of the collection time will be deducted from your total covered trips or billed at the full rate.

 Panic Button

In any panic situation, you will never want to be alone! The TRA Assist Panic button provides clients with 24 hour access to our own experienced crisis manager – who will assist you through any emergency. You never have to remember an emergency number again! TRA Assist is the most reputable emergency support for any client – you will never have to remember another emergency number again. TRA Assist has access to every emergency service you may need, as well as access to your own security company, medical information and other useful contacts. You will never be alone in an emergency!

Our TRA Assist service provides clients with a comprehensive and overall service, ensuring that the family is safe and secure. When you are in an emergency – we take charge! Your crisis manager will call you back on your cell phone and help you through your crisis – whatever that may be.

 Nurse Line

Nurse Line is a healthcare service providing unlimited access to qualified nurses 24 hours a day. Members benefit from:

  • Emergency medical advice.
  • Assessment of symptoms and referral to the most appropriate healthcare professional.
  • Knowledge on all aspects of healthcare including homecare remedies with scheduled follow-up assessment calls if required.
  • Explained medical terms, results of tests and information relating to medication.
  • Counselling for chronic ailments and diseases to minimise the impact of these conditions on daily life.
  • Telephonic trauma debriefing and referral to a trauma counsellor where necessary.
  • Access to a pre-recorded audio health library for information on a range of medical topics.

Telephonic Trauma Counselling is a 24-hour assistance line that provides a professional health and medical infrastructure to access the TRA ASSIST trauma facility.

Services Include:

  • Telephonic counselling with Nurse Case Management team or Trauma Counsellors.
  • Critical incident management and emotional support.
  • Referral to specialist network of psychologists and psychiatrists if required.

All TRA ASSIST benefits are subject to the standard ER24 Assist terms and conditions.

Gap Cover and its product benefits (including TRA Assist) are not medical aid schemes and the cover is not the same as that of a medical aid scheme. the benefits are not a substitute for medical scheme membership.